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Misting Solution
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Misting Fans
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PortaMist has temporarily stopped taking orders until 2024.
Please feel free to place your order but understandably they will only be tended to in January 2024.

Let Our Misting Solutions Invite Customers To Your Venue

High pressure Misting is the most effective method to cool down an outdoor environment. By far one of the best investments a Restaurant or Lodge can make to attract more customers. Due to the product quality and our expertise in the industry, we can assure you that your customers and surroundings will not get wet.

Mobile Misting Fans


This fan is in a league of its own. Not only is it unique, good looking and offers great features but it is Super effective and Cost-effective. Perfect to use at Events, Homes, Restaurants & Lodges

Currently on Special from: R12,999

Why Choose PortaMist Misting Systems?

  • Our Pipe lines blend in with any upmarket decor
  • Our pump assemblies come standard with a Stainless steel cover and all protection features
  • Our added Calcium filter reduces nozzle blockages even more than the conventional filtration method.
  • We guarantee that our mist line positioning is not just a good looking feature but an effective cooling solution
  • We are the only company in the world that offers a high quality Portable misting system built into a Suitcase
  • The secret to misting is pressure. Our systems deliver up to 12 bar from a gravity-fed water supply
  • Our filtration allows you to use any available source of water. Even Muddy dam water will not block the nozzles
  • Best value-for-money industrial standard misting fan on the market
  • Built-in tank to eliminate the inconvenience of a permanent water supply when repositioning the fan
  • Adjustable misting density for personal preference
  • The most effective Mobile outdoor cooling system on the market
  • You can control the misting/cooling direction which is not possible with any other misting system
  • Easy maneuverability due to wheels
  • After use, the fan can be stored indoors for safekeeping.

Some Of Our Cool Clients

Our misting systems invite clients to your venue before they go to other neighbouring venues without a PortaMist misting system

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