We specialise in both HIGH PRESSURE and MEDIUM PRESSURE systems

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Why Choose Our
Permanent Systems?

  • Mist lines and the versatility of our materials used can blend into any surrounding decor.
  • Pump assemblies come standard with a Stainless steel cover and all necessary protection features
  • The included Calcium filter reduces nozzle blockages above the conventional filtration methods
  • We guarantee that our mist line positioning is not just a good looking feature but an effective cooling solution
  • Our add-on service agreement will ensure your investment is in perfect condition all year roundHigh and Medium pressure misting does not wet the surrounding environment or customers

    - Guaranteed cooling on the hottest summer days

    - Customer attraction 

High and Medium Pressure Systems

High Pressure Systems

  • Operating pressure 70 bar
  • Piston pump system

Medium Pressure Systems

  • Operating pressure 10 bar
  • Diaphragm pump system

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