The Only Patented
Portable Misting Solution
In South Africa
Power Options Available

Popular Application Options

Where ever you need cooling, you can take our Portable misting system with you

Golf Cart Cooling

Safari Vehicle Cooling

Expo's and Outdoors


Portable Systems

  • We are the only company in the world that offers a high quality Portable misting system built into a Suitcase
  •  The secret to misting is the system pressure. Our systems deliver up to 12 bar from gravity feed water supply
  • Our filtration allows you to use any water available. Even Muddy dam water will not block the nozzles
  • A single Portable system offer Effective cooling for up to 20m2 and/or up-to 15x misters in total
  • Our Portable units out perform ANY Low or medium pressure system on the market
  • Can be used for dual purpose. The applications are endless.

Portable Systems Available

Portable Standard

(220v / 12v)

Portable Compact

(220v / 12v)

Portable Ultimate

( Battery)

Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories Includes:

  • Rugged plastic suitcase,
  • diaphragm pump,
  • heavy duty power supply,
  • inline particle filter,
  • on/off switch,
  • 220v & 12v power cables,
  • pipe clips,
  • twist ties,
  • pipe cutter,
  • 15m x 6mm hose,
  • 8x quick release nozzle bodies,
  • stainless steel cleanable nozzles,
  • accessories and pipe water proof bag,
  • 25L jerry can


Standard vs Compact Size

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